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About me

Everyone looks good, you just have to show it.

... and dress accordingly!
I am Silke Gerloff and as a fashion designer and colour expert I am at your service to make you looking great! Every day and on all occasions - be it professional or private - you will look convincing without much effort, too much time or money spent or with a wardrobe of a 7 inch-length 😉.

My core competence lies in a very personal and empathic consulting at eye level - always with a dash of humor. I can easily build an atmosphere of trust and sympathy. At preference we meet at your place – the origin of your personality and style and home of your closet. Having an insight into your environment and your everyday life enables me to closely adapt my consulting content to your individual needs.

I am a creative person and love to give you new impulses for your wardrobe. I like variety, also in fashion. Which does not necessarily mean a lot of clothes. With my inspiration we creatively mix and match your wardrobe to get more outfits out of less clothing. Combination is key! I tell you in a frank manner, what suits you and how you look, of course always in an appreciative way.

I would like to give you certainty about your style. Let's create the outer image you can easily identify with. In future, you will meet your reflection in the mirror with a big smile!

The fact, that online sessions and personal consulting don't exclude each other, surprised me myself. Video calls are actually an adequate alternative if we can't get together in person. I even have designed new offers which explicitly facilitate online shopping.

Sustainability in fashion is important to me
I am increasingly moved by the topic of sustainability, as nature is an irreplaceable retreat for me. I would therefore like to introduce my customers to a conscious approach to fashion, but in an undogmatic way. That means, we first deal intensively with what you have. Your treasure, built up over years! What is already at hand and what is lacking? Only then a new purchase is made in a targeted manner.

Let's say I look at clothing more from an overall perspective than purely trend- or sales-driven. For me, only your personal style is decisive. Be a fashion strategist instead of a fashion victim!

I consciously choose according to the criteria:

  1. fitting (cuts)
  2. flattering (colours)
  3. fair (production)
  4. with potential to become one of your favourites
Good style doesn't copy trends, but rather creates an authentic balance of clothing and character.

Olga S., CEO

And that's how my consulting is: creative & sustainable, empathic & humorous. Honest, independent and personal. Individually adapted to you, because I listen to your personal story.

I had several days of surprised, amazed and admiring comments in the office. Your advice has indeed brought the turnaround I had hoped for.

Hannes S., Produktentwickler

Get to know me:

At 40+ I am satisfied with my life and live happily together with my husband in a beautiful industrial monument in Offenbach am Main, Germany.

Why me?
I come from a creative family and I have always been fascinated by everything aesthetic. The design of a coherent and harmonious overall composition is an inner need for me. Colour is my inspiration above all.
I am an open, curious person by nature. If l am interested in something I am easily impressed. I am delighted to answer all my customer’s questions about fashion and clothes and can help them get rid of any insecurities in an empathetic and warm manner. It is very important to me to do this in order to learn my customers’ personalities and to earn their trust within a short time – only this allows the result to harmonize with their character.

How I gained confidence through clothing:
I had to go through my own experiences to see how important this is. As a child I was very shy. And even though I was interested in extraordinary fashion as a teenager, I did not feel confident enough to walk into small boutiques by myself. Instead, I chose to stand outside by the showcases. It strengthens your self-confidence a lot when dressing the appropriate way. That’s why clothing is so important! Let me help you get the same feeling of well-being!
Nowadays, I can walk into every shop hands down; I advice you openly and regardless of commission payment. Be assured that I do my work with a high duty of confidentiality.

This is what I like in private:
Even in my free time I love to create something beautiful with my hands: when photographing, decorating, painting or making collages in the studio I get into the flow. For years, I have been applying the proportion theory of line, mass and free space in Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging art). As compensation (and for material collection 😇) I also like to enjoy nature, preferably hiking or even better trail riding.

Professional career.

I founded my style agency “The Personal Look” in 2002 and thus was the first to offer a personal shopper service in Frankfurt. My business comprises a wardrobe analysis at the client's residence and shopping assistance primarily in the Rhine-Main region. Building up a capsule wardrobe and curated online shopping are further valued services, plus classic type consulting (i.e. colour, style and make-up). I also hold workshops on type consulting and other fashion topics for small groups (or companies). Since spring 2014, I also offer shopping trips to Europe's fashion capital – Paris.

I love to do collages and therefore played around with scissors to visualize my professional career. Guess, which icon symbolizes which step in my career:

As a qualified fashion designer, Silke Gerloff has been successful in the fashion industry for more than 25 years. She first gained experience in theatrical wardrobe at the city playhouses in Lübeck, then completed her studies in fashion design. She later became a buyer for women's retail clothing at the mail-ordering company Otto and at Jean Pascale in Hamburg.

Silke's Francophile affinity guided her to Paris, where she worked on the creation of future interior and fashion trends at three different style agencies. Her work later as a freelance stylist in advertising photography (stills and people) in Frankfurt led her to begin with the dressing of models. Once deciding to make her fashion savvy available to private individuals, Silke followed the American example and launched personal shopping in Frankfurt.

My Favourite outfits:

Of course, the consultation is not about my taste, but about yours. Nevertheless, you may be curious about what clothes I like myself? My style is casual-elegant and I have therefore made "smart casual" my brand theme. I like patterns, cheerful colours and small, expressive details on otherwise basic pieces. Here you may take a look at my closet:

To the interview:
You can find out more about me, my fashion preferences and my approach in the consulting sessions in the following interview "17 questions for Silke Gerloff, style consultant and personal shopper".

Are you ready to take the 1st step on your way to expressing your personality best through your signature style? Let's talk together about the strategy that suits you best. Feel free to contact me!

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My Personal Shopper

Silke Gerloff

Ernst-Griesheimer-Platz 6

63071 Offenbach

Phone: 069 / 26 91 38 83

Cell: 0171 / 4 21 74 56


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