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Outfit styling

New styling ideas will bring you many more stunning outfits.

Masterful mixing and matching is an important step on the way to your personal style.

Let yourself be guided by your personal shopper in the art of combining and putting together harmonious outfits from your wardrobe. You'll be amazed by how many possibilities your wardrobe will create through a new approach in the weaving of various colors and styles. The bountiful selection results from existing clothing and new additions being diversely integrated into your basic wardrobe as well.

Your personalized lookbook for quick decisions.

Calm those “I-have-nothing-to-wear!” outbursts in the future. With one glance in your personal album, you'll find suggestions for complete outfits, including shoes and accessories, for business / smart casual / leisure time and evening attire.

The benefits you may expect:

  1. In future, you will know how to style a good-looking outfit by creatively combining clothes. Thus, you will make the most out of your wardrobe.
  2. Your look will get a more personal touch.
  3. My fresh look will show you unknown combination possibilities and you will feel like you're having much more than estimated.
  4. You'll capture the new combinations in photos guiding you to the right outfit in the morning. This gives you the extra minutes to leave the house in time.
  5. We work with what is already on hand – saving your money and behaving sustainably at the same time.
I don’t think much of buying ready outfits. Only creative combinations give your style the much needed personal touch. Be unique!
Unterschrift Silke

Outfit consulting/styling for business photo shooting

At least every 7 years it is time for your new business photos, because today the first impression is mostly transported through a digital medium (picture or video). However, your appearance is changing over the years.

The business photo has a lot of responsibility: It should make you credible as an expert in your field, appeal to your target group, show you in a sympathetic and approachable way, but of course, above all, illustrate your very special personality.

You might be asking yourself: "What should I wear for the photo shoot?" After all, along with your facial expression, the clothes and colours you wear have a major part in your overall effect.

This is where I can help you with a tailored outfit advice. I also offer hands-on styling support at the shooting itself.

Photo credits: Miriam Castle-Weiss, Jenny Lohoff

Outfit consultation prior to the shoot at your home.

We will first talk about where you plan to present your photos and which effect you would like them to have. How formal do you want your appearance to be? And how can you best express everything through clothing and colour?

Taking into account your physique and colour type, we will pick out 3 to 4 outfits from your closet (including shoes and accessories) to bring along for the shoot. I also include optical rules (what works how?) and the special rules of photography (difficult patterns or colours, what makes you look heavier?, glasses/neckline/scarf/jewelry) in my decisions.

Do you still need a supplement in clothing? Plan enough lead time for shopping. You'll also get practical preparation tips for the shooting day.

Styling at the shooting.

At the shooting itself, your modeling skills are in demand. The photographer focuses on your facial expression, light, background ect. The make-up artist takes care of hair&Make-up. But who pays attention to the clothes? After all, a crooked hanging necklace or an awkwardly falling shirt can later become a knock-out criteria for your favourite picture.

Don't worry, I'll be by your side to take care of you! You will bring the 3 to 4 previously defined outfits and I decide on the order of their appearance, help you getting changed, protect the hairdo, fix the make up, iron if necessary, tie scarves.

I also step in during the shoot and straighten clothes. Together with the photographer I examine the photos and decide whether something should be changed and what looks are still missing.

Alternative: We had no appointment before and you will bring along a larger selection of clothes on the shooting day (no more than 8 outfits). From this choice we pick out together the 3 to 4 best ones and style them with accessories. After that I iron them while the make-up artist helps you becoming a star. Everything else as described above.

On my partner page you learn which photographers I like to work with.

The benefits you may expect:

  1. You can also apply some of the tips you will receive to videos, video conferences and public talks.
  2. You will get to know some parts of the colour&style consultation, which you can use for your everyday outfit choices.
  3. The costly photo shoot does not have to be repeated because of unflattering clothing.
  4. The pictures will have the effect that you had in mind.
  5. At the shooting itself, you have a relaxed day and can fully concentrate on your modeling skills.

Please feel free to book your favourite package online. We also do bespoke packages built around your needs and time. For more information or to book your session contact us through my contact form. Or telephone +49 171 4217456.

Procedere: I will contact you within 48 hours after you have reached out to me or, in the case of an online booking, after receipt of payment.

Mix and Match

2.5 hrs, incl. styling tips ***

279 €

My Personal Look-Book

available in photos or in a print album, out of previously made photo material ***

139 €

Outfit consultation for photo shooting

2.5 hrs, incl. preparation tips ***

259 €

Styling at the shoot

4.5 hrs, on location ***

469 €

All-in-one on the shooting day

6 hrs, on location ***

599 €

The following surcharge will be balanced in cash at the appointment: ***

additional travel costs for appointments at the customers place (Frankfurt = €15, other places = €0,40 per km). I drive up to 150 km total distance (to and fro) starting from Offenbach.
Saturday appointments are billed with a surcharge of € 25.

These consultations are useful additions to the combination session:

Wardrobe check

Your wardrobe deserves a fresh look! Now, the focus is on you, your aspirations for style and your current clothing.

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Personal Shopping

Shopping made easy. Shopping mistakes will be a thing of the past, and you'll be surprised by how fun shopping together can be!

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