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Clothing as a business factor

Style makes a difference – especially for business matters!

Do you know how you impress others at your job? What’s your vibrancy? You have done everything right, if your self-image corresponds with the way others perceive it. Otherwise it’s just about time to redefine your business style.

For a better understanding, we need to talk about how to harmonize your way of life, individual style and your personality with the dress code at work. How much individuality is permitted to be shown and whereby? It is all about recognizing and increasing your very own appeal to prevent getting lost in the crowd.

Dress codes don’t only exist within the company, but also out at business appointments. Be confident with choosing between different business styles: Smart Business, Business Casual and Smart Casual.

Ever wondered how to dress for an offsite meeting? I can give you answers to questions that run through everyone’s head: What should I wear as a speaker, especially as a woman, or at a company celebration in the evening? What should I wear as an executive now where I got promoted and need to align myself to my new tasks? You are a frequent flier and need a perfectly packed luggage content for a business trip – let’s pack together!

We sort out the clothing structures for your career sector and your position and set you up for your special challenge.

No one is able to look inside of you. Therefore, your first impression is based on the physical appearance. Your personal style becomes your very own label and a guarantor for your success.
Unterschrift Silke

Today, the dress code in most industries has turned into a more casual style and the uncertainties about what is still appropriate and what is not, are getting bigger.
Your personal style still makes a difference in how you are perceived by others. The new currency in business wardrobes is individuality.

Please also read the following interview with me (in german language): Lässig ist erlaubt (Mitarbeiterzeitschrift der Zurich Versicherungsgruppe, Vera Haase, Dezember 2019)

The consultation "Well dressed at work" will show you how to optimally present yourself in the job despite loosened dress codes.

We define your personal business colours, clarify the differences in business clothing styles, put together 3 outfits from your wardrobe for 3 different business situations and work on your personal trademark to generate your signature style in business matters.

The benefits you may expect:

  1. Showing off in a stylish way makes your appearence more convincing, even in business matters. You will send out more self-confidence.
  2. Thus, you will appear competent, an effect which will be honoured with a promotion sooner or later.
  3. You will be satisfied with your success and the acknowledgment of your work. And it will literally pay off!
  4. As you can now identify subtle dress code distinctions, you will always be appropriately dressed.
  5. You will know perfectly how to impress in some previously defined business situations. Picking the right clothes in the morning in a second saves you precious time.
  6. Individuality counts, even in business matters. You will learn which signature style works for you personally in your career.
  7. With an individual trademark you will become more visible and memorable. Ultimately, you sharpen your profile.
  8. You will recognise the meaning of colors in the working environment and thus will be able to use them efficiently.

Please feel free to book your favourite package online. We also do bespoke packages built around your needs and time. For more information or to book your session contact us through my contact form. Or telephone +49 171 4217456.

If you don't want to book my services online or look for something different than the services below, please don't hesitate to get in touch via my contact form or phone.

The special appointment

1.5 hours, Outfit determination for an important event ***

179 €

Dress for individuality at work

3 hours, Raising your personal profile despite business-dressing-rules ***

359 €

Well dressed at work

4 hours, Colour consulting, your perfect version of business casual, your trademark ***

479 €

The following surcharge will be balanced in cash at the appointment: ***

additional travel costs for appointments at the customers place (Frankfurt = €15, other places = €0,40 per km)
Saturday appointments are billed with a surcharge of € 25.

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