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You still have questions? Here are the answers:

1. For whom are the consultations suitable?

  • I can help you if ...
    you want to develop your fashion style and fully meet your personality
    you are unsure what suits you or have not yet found your personal style
    you are in a situation of change and would like to adapt your appearance to it
    you are not interested in fashion and clothing, but still need to present yourself
    your would like to streamline your wardrobe
    you feel overwhelmed by the masses of clothes when you go shopping
    you would like to convince professionally also outwardly
    you have an unusual size or proportions and find it difficult to find clothing
    you would like to be more couragous in your fashion style
    your body has changed and you want to deal with it skillfully
    you have little time and would like to build your wardrobe effortlessly
    you are new in town and/or not familiar with the German dress codes
    you would like to step successfully and feel attractive in the dating process
    you simply want to feel comfortable in your skin and clothes

Have you found yourself? Then you are absolutely right with me!

2. What do I get?

First of all, honest, professional feedback on your impact. Self-image and external image are rarely identical. We check how you would like to appear and implement this with the
with the appropriate consulting content. This gives you the tools you need to look good in every situation in the future. And this with less time than before, but with more fun, more courage and joy in yourself :-).

3. What do I get out of it? And what is different after the style consultation?

You dress more consciously and gain more (self-)confidence. This automatically gives you more charisma, which in turn has an effect on the outside. You get more attention and compliments - at work and in your private life. You save time when shopping and in the morning in front of the closet. And money, because you buy less, but the right things!

4. Why should I pay for it? Isn't it expensive?

It's always worth it to bring in an expert for content that we're not so good at or just don't feel like doing. Or do you cut your own hair, for example?
You book the color and style consultation only 1x, then you have the necessary knowledge; wardrobe check and shopping make 2x in the year sense. In exchange for the daily feeling of well-being, looking good, a justifiable use of money. In return, you save money by not making any bad purchases and you will certainly climb the career ladder faster and earn more...

5. Do I need a style consultation? Actually I am satisfied!

Sometimes we are content for a long time with a state that is okay, but not optimal. If you feel a little nondescript or your style has become boring, it's time for a fresh professional look from the outside. Surely there's room for improvement! After all, all of life is permanent change and your exterior should follow suit. Curious now?

6. Isn't it all a matter of taste anyway?

Of course, taste plays a role, and it's yours. Because that, together with personality and lifestyle, forms the foundation for your style direction. I try to empathize with your taste and to correspond to it. However, the objective conditions of your figure and your own color pigmentation are at least as important. Here there are very clear rules on how to emphasize strengths and conceal small weaknesses. Certain occasions also have dress codes that should be followed.

7. I would like a preliminary consultation to see if the chemistry is right. Is this possible?

I understand that you want to have a good gut feeling about such a personal consultation. That's why I'm happy to offer you a short get-to-know-you meeting at my place in the Old Slaughterhouse. Then you will see me and my surroundings and you will tell me what you would like to know and why. The first 45 minutes are free of charge.

8. Where do the consultations take place?

It makes sense to do the closet check and the type consultation at your home. This way we have your clothes right at hand. I come by with my mobile consulting equipment. However, if you wish, we can also meet in my loft rooms in Offenbach's Old Slaughterhouse, where I live and work. Desired companion: 1 suitcase with a typical selection of your wardrobe. Shopping we do in Frankfurt, other cities in the Rhine-Main area or Paris.

9. Isn't it strange to have a stranger in my bedroom?

Maybe the thought in advance. But experience has shown that a good basis of trust is quickly established and the bedroom or dressing room is simply our place of work and the bed a welcome storage space.

10. Can I prepare something for the wardrobe check?

Everything doesn't have to be cleaned out just because I'm coming. However, it makes sense if, when separating into summer and winter wardrobe, the part to be looked at is also tangible and not scattered around the house. Sorting out before the appointment is helpful, but does not have to be. Please do not give away the sorted out things yet! An additional rolling clothes rack saves us from the mountain of clothes on the bed, but is of course not a must.

11. Will half of my closet content fly out then?

No, as a rule it's HIGHLY a third, unless radical mucking out to create a Capsule Wardrobe is expressly desired. Rarely are clients completely wrong in their basic assessment of your colors and cuts. By the way, a mucking out can trigger a very good feeling of liberation, but of course you don't have to buy a completely new wardrobe after our appointment.

12. Is it about filling the closet even more? I already have way too much!

I'm not in the business of talking you into buying as many new things as possible. Because I don't get any commission in the stores, I can be quite relaxed about it. In order to buy only the necessary additions to your existing wardrobe when shopping, we create an exact shopping list at the closet. That way, later on you'll only have things that fit, that you need, and that you'll wear. The goal is a manageable wardrobe content, consisting of favorite pieces. With this, you can then practice combining.

13. Can't I go shopping with my boyfriend/girlfriend?

If your friend or family member is neutral, honest and patient, there is nothing wrong with it. If they also know exactly what you need and which store has it, all the better. Oh yes, a sense of style and decisiveness would also be desirable. Getting a bit cramped? No problem, just make an appointment ;-)!

14. What do you need the cloths for at the color consultation? Can't you also look at me and immediately tell what color type I am?

No, I can't and I don't want to. Of course, I have an initial assessment in my head, but the 10 color types according to which I consult are very precise and lie close together in the margins. Only the application of the cloths in imitated daylight (without make-up!) brings the fine differences to light. And only then are you also convinced of your own radiance, which the matching colors evoke in you. Applied physics!

15. I can't even keep up with the long consultations!

The hours always seem to fly by. There is a lot of content to impart; the fashion world is also a wide subject area. Especially if you don't like to deal with clothes or even hate shopping, you will have a lot of input in your head afterwards. Let it sink in and process it bit by bit. Rome was not built in a day!
In order not to overtax your condition, I often split packages into 2 appointments. In case of a consulting session of more than 3 hours, we can also interrupt for a short meal break (up to max. 45 min.). Please let me know so that I can schedule the additional time.

16. The thing with the money:

If you have not booked online and thus already paid via Paypal, you will want to know more details about the payment process. You can either pay the agreed amount in cash at the consultation or transfer it up to 24 hours afterwards. I will also be happy to provide a formal invoice if needed. For packages with multiple appointments, I ask for payment of the total amount at/following the 1st appointment. Only if the exact length of the consultation is still open, do not pay until after the last appointment.

17. I believe that I need more than just a one-time consultation:

You would like to be supported closely and trustfully on the way to congruence of personality and outer appearance? Then you are right in the 1:1 style coaching, my most personal offer. Here, several consulting components are combined in a structured and clever way, building on each other. So you are never alone with your questions in between!

You have more questions? Please feel free to contact me!

Your style guide - for more WOW in front of the mirror!