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Colour consulting

Colour is crucial.

A flattering style includes wearing the right colours. Choosing your perfect personal hues will be easy with your colour fan in your pocket.

The colour consultation gives you a profound knowledge about your perfect matching clothing colours and makes you an expert for the next shopping. With my personal shopping service I will show you where to find these clothes in Frankfurt.

The benefits you may expect:

  1. You get to know your individual colours that will support your natural colour type.
  2. Your personal colour palette makes you look fresh, young and professional.
  3. You will choose your colours wisely with regard to the effect you want to achieve, be it in professional or private context.
  4. You will be more courageous in combining colours due to your new savviness.
  5. If you stay within your colour spectrum, your wardrobe will eventually be more consistent than ever.
  6. You will know exactly what colours you need to look for during your next shopping. The colour fan in your pocket will guide you successfully!

Colour consulting.

Find out everything you need to know about my beloved core field, colour!

We identify which colours match your natural skin, hair and eye colour best on the basis of a colour analysis according to the differentiated 12 colour system.

In addition to the already well-known 4 seasons, this system includes 8 mixed and intermediate types and guarantees 98% accuracy. The consultation also highlights your type matching hair colourations as well as jewellery and spectacle frame colours. This matters as only an overall match creates your perfect harmonic look. You will receive tips on colour combinations in clothing and a high-quality colour fan (up to 35 colours) for future shopping.

The colour consultation also includes feedback on the colour of 5 items of clothing and, for ladies, on the nuances of make-up products brought along. To easily shop the right products in the perfume store, you will also receive a matching make-up colour card for your handbag.

For the lady, there is also the possibility of booking the extensive colour session with make-up consultation. This package includes the identification of your make-up colours by providing a day make-up. Learn more here.

A colour consultation is such a very small investment compared to wrong-coloured clothing we buy and seldom wear.

A customer's quote


Ihr Stil wird bestimmt durch Ihre Körperform und -proportionen in Kombination mit Ihrer Persönlichkeit.

Eine Stilberatung hilft Ihnen, die Wahl Ihrer Kleidung und Accessoires optimal darauf abzustimmen und so zu einer vorteilhaften individuellen Stilrichtung zu gelangen. Zu diesem Zweck werden die für Sie richtigen Silhouetten, Formen, Längen, Muster, Materialien und Accessoires bestimmt sowie eine Beurteilung der Frisur und ggf. Brille vorgenommen. Sie bekommen Tipps, wie Sie am besten Ihre Stärken betonen und wirkungsvoll Ihre Schwächen kaschieren und welche der aktuellen Modeströmungen Sie in Ihre Garderobe integrieren könnten. So vermeiden Sie auf lange Sicht teure Fehlkäufe.

Die Stilberatung umfasst eine Stilklassifizierung anhand verschiedener Stiltypen, Figuranalyse, detaillierte Bestimmung aller Einzelstyles sowie von Schuhen und Accessoires und den Stil-Check einer Auswahl Ihrer Garderobe. Sie erhalten eine individuelle, bebilderte Dokumentation (29 Seiten).

Please feel free to book your favourite package online. We also do bespoke packages built around your needs and time. For more information or to book your session contact us through my contact form. Or telephone +49 171 4217456.

Procedere: I will contact you within 48 hours after you have reached out to me or, in the case of an online booking, after receipt of payment.

Buchung: Sie haben mehrere Buchungsoptionen –
Onlinebuchung mit Zahlung per Paypal
Direktbuchung bei mir über das Kontaktformular oder telefonisch unter 0171 4217456. In diesem Fall zahlen Sie beim Termin in bar oder direkt im Anschluss per Überweisung.

So geht es dann weiter: Ich werde mich kurzfristig nach Ihrer Kontaktaufnahme bzw. bei einer Onlinebuchung nach Zahlungseingang mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen.

Mehr Infos: Sie haben noch Fragen zum Ablauf oder Bedenken? In den FAQ's bekommen Sie Antworten!

Colour Consulting

2 hours, including premium colour fan + colour card ***

239 €

The following surcharge will be balanced in cash at the appointment:***

an additional €15 travel and parking allowance charged for Frankfurt (shopping tours)
additional travel costs for appointments at the customers place (Frankfurt = €15, other places = €0,30 per km)
Saturday appointments are billed with a surcharge of € 25

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