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ways of cooperation

I adapt precisely to your needs with different possibilities of cooperation. So that you reach your goal quickly and safely!

The Personal Look - style consulting and personal shopping

What is fashion?
For some it's a favorite pastime and lifestyle. For others it's a closed book. For everyone, though, fashion is a signature feature above all! No one can look into us, and that's why the first impression shows through our outer appearance. How can we convey a fitting identity from our clothing, express our taste or show our uniqueness? This is a challenge I can help you with.

Discovering your own style is a great goal.
It harmonizes your personality, preferences and lifestyle. Good style doesn't copy trends, but rather creates an authentic balance of clothing and character. Our advantages are affirmed and we feel comfortable and secure in our bodies – self-confidence and a strong, positive presence are guaranteed.

Make sure your appeal matches your self-image!

These are the options you have on- and offline:

  1. You book my services individually to get to know them or as a follow-up to services you have already received. You can choose your desired service here. (Consultations OFFLINE + ONLINE)
  2. You come to the 1:1 Coaching. (Consultations OFFLINE + ONLINE)
  3. You book participation in a face-to-face workshop in a group (can also be booked for in-house events). (Consultations OFFLINE)
  4. You buy a digital self-study course. (Consultations ONLINE)
  5. You give away a gift voucher to yourself or another loved one. Which service you would like to give away, you simply choose here. (Consultations OFFLINE)

The 1:1 coaching is my most personal offer, where you get maximum support over a longer period of time.
A sequence of logically sequenced consulting modules will bring you safely to your style goal!

For the mediation of special focus topics we meet in a small group for a presence fashion workshop. Here I offer you the opportunity to take home the most important insights for you in a compressed form and at a manageable price.

As an introduction to a consulting topic, you can also start with an online self-study course. Here you get step-by-step instructions to follow in a clearly illustrated e-book. For autodidacts!

My philosophy.

I care for your personal style with enthusiasm, sensitivity and honesty. I'll explain with an impartial viewpoint how you appear to others, and how you can promote or modify this impression. My consulting adapts exactly to your individual needs and possibilities. Fashion can but doesn't have to be expensive—the perfect fit, surprising combinations and one's own unique style are more important than the brand. As Coco Chanel once said, “fashion changes but style endures.”

Whom is my service for?
Whether young or young at heart, man or woman, unsure about your look, not from the area or simply pressed for time, I'll offer you a tailor-made program!

Customer benefit:
I'll encourage you to find your style or enhance it with my passion and instinctive feeling for fashion. Through the arranging of effective consultations, you'll learn more about which clothing and accessories are optimal for you.

Place the responsibility of your look in the hands of a trusted professional!

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My Personal Shopper

Silke Gerloff

Ernst-Griesheimer-Platz 6

63071 Offenbach

Phone: 069 / 26 91 38 83

Cell: 0171 / 4 21 74 56


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